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City Church

Passion for God, Compassion for People

Your first visit

What you can expect when you visit Maranatha…

You can expect a warm welcome and a friendly congregation.  We appreciate and welcome visitors.  When you come to Maranatha you are more than a visitor, you are our special guest.  You’ll find our church to be friendly, inviting and warm.  Many have said our church is the friendliest church they have ever visited.


Our friendly team of greeters will welcome you at the welcome center as you enter the church. The greeters will give you a church bulletin that tells of upcoming events and highlights ministries that you may want to be involved in.  The greeters will also help you find children’s ministry classes, nurseries, restrooms and answer any other questions you may have about the church.


The parking spaces directly in front of the church and along the sides of the church are reserved for guests although you are welcome to park anywhere you like.

Main entrance

The primary church entrance is the double door entrance on the front of the building. This door, as well as our entire facility is handicap accessible.

What about my kids?

If you would like your child to be part of our Sunday morning children’s church the greeting team will lead you to our children’s ministry building where you can check your child into the children’s ministry area. Your name and contact information will be taken and you will be contacted if there’s a need during the service. You can pickup your child after service in the children’s ministry area.

Sit anywhere you like

You are more than welcome to sit anywhere you like.  We are happy that you came to worship with us, so please don’t worry about “sitting in someone’s seat.”  We always have first-time guests in our services so we are used to new faces in different places. We always leave plenty of room in the back few pews if you’re more comfortable there. Just sit anywhere you like, we’ll be happy to make room for you!

We will not embarrass you

Only once during the service will we recognize our first-time guests. We will not ask you to stand, speak or even raise your hand.  You will be asked to remain seated while the ushers give you a church information packet and the rest of the congregation stands to welcome you. We want you to feel welcomed, at home and at ease.

Genuine fellowship & worship

You’ll be surprised how friendly our congregation really is! During the worship service, we take time to greet one another as the musicians play.  There’s plenty of hand shaking and conversation for everyone.  You’ll also notice that we are a lively bunch; you are likely to hear “Amens” and “Hallelujahs” along with clapping throughout the church as the Lord blesses us during the service.  We delight in praising the Lord!

The offering plate

You are welcome to worship the Lord in giving but you don’t have to give to worship with us.  As our special guest we don’t expect you to give.  The church members support the church faithfully, so don’t worry about money, just enjoy the service.

Our congregation cares about people & families

Our church is small compared to some Mega Churches in the area. Our smaller congregation provides the opportunity for everyone to get to know each other.  We are thankful to God for our families and friends in the church.  In the past few years we have seen lots of growth and many new families join our church but we’ve never lost the personal touch.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where the Holy Spirit leads, we’ll follow

Our services are not rigidly structured.  For instance, we don’t have a weekly printed order of service in the bulletin.  Sure, we follow a simple, familiar format for most services.  But, there are times when personal testimonies have completed our service.  Other times, perhaps members of our church will request special prayer or the choir will be asked to sing a couple extra songs.  When the Holy Spirit is moving, we are happy to let Him take the service in any direction He chooses.  He is a welcomed and frequent guest in our services.

Consider this your formal invitation

We’d be delighted to have you come to any of our services.  If you would like more information about our church or the services, please feel free to call the church office at 704-922-3992.  We look forward to meeting you!

If you have visited Maranatha we’d love your help. Take 2 minutes and complete this survey to help us improve our outreach. Thanks!