Oct 18 – Mortgage Burning

Mortgage Burning Celebration!
October 18, 2020 – 11am

2020 was “billed” by many as a year of vision however most of us could have never foreseen many of the events that this year would entail. Such was the case with our church.

At the beginning of the year we presented a “vision” to the church of paying off the church by the end of 2020. It was a goal that would require faith and sacrifice any regular year then March happened. 😳 Most churches closed the doors to worship, went online only or moved their services outside (we were blessed with a great opportunity to minister to the church and community online and outside). The question in our minds wasn’t necessarily how are we going to payoff the church by December as much as it was, how are we going to pay the bills this month?!?
God has shown Himself faithful and mighty once again. Not only has HE paid our bills HE paid off the church! “Ain’t” it just like God to payoff a bill we’ve been working on for almost 2 decades in the middle of a global pandemic?!?
To GOD be the Glory, GREAT things HE hath done!