September 29 – Homecoming

Join us for a special day of singing, preaching and testifying followed by an old fashioned “dinner on the grounds” meal after service.

August 11-14 – FLIGHT School VBS

Flight School VBS August 11th-14th. 6:30pm-9:00pm nightly. Kids ages K5-6th Grade.
Start your engines and prepare for takeoff! From propeller-driven biplanes to supersonic jet fighters, Flight School takes kids on a high-flying adventure that challenges them to aim higher than just “good enough” in their lives with Christ. Join Willby, Amelia, and Boomer as they explore the similarities between aviation and living for Christ.


August 10 – Ignite Youth Rally

Join us on Saturday August 10 at 5pm as the Clover Youth Choir leads us in worship along with a powerful message from Pastor Brad Helms. Following the service there will be some fun activities and a giant pizza blast for all the teens. Don’t miss it!

July 15-19 – Teen Conference

Join us from July 15-19, 2019, in Pigeon Forge, TN, at the LeConte Center for a life-changing week! We’ll study God’s word together and enjoy spirit-filled worship, singing, gospel preaching, and fellowship in the Lord with teens and young adults from across this nation! Your young people will NEVER be the same!

Click HERE to give to help a teen go to #Arise2k19!

June 1 – Benefit Singing


We want you to mark your calendars for Saturday night June 1st. This is an event that we want all of our friends, family and fans to support. Come on out and help us bless this family! Info below:

Charles Russell Benefit Singing
Saturday June 1

Maranatha Baptist Church

104 Downey Lake Road

Dallas, NC 28034

BBQ plates available at 4pm

Heart2Heart singing at 6pm

From the GoFundMe page

Charles Russell became a Type 1 Diabetic when he was 19 years old. Over the years his Kidney Function has gotten worse. He is now in stage 5 kidney failure. He tries his best to work every day in lots of pain, and he will help anyone he can. All we are asking is to show your support to help with his medical and household bills. Charles is on the waiting list for a Kidney & Pancreas Transplant. When they call for him to go to Wake Forest to receive the transplant he will no longer have an income… He will be out of work for a minimum of 8 months. Thanks and May God Bless You!



Join us this Sunday for worship!

10am – Bible Study
11am – Morning Worship & MBCKidz Church
6pm – Evening Worship & Teen Church

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