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"The Gospel doesn’t cost anything, but it demands everything. It demands that we go "all in," a term that simply means placing all that you have into God’s hands. Pushing it all in. And that’s where we get stuck―in a spiritual "no man’s land." We’re afraid that if we go all in that we might miss out on what this life has to offer. But it’s not true. The only thing you’ll miss out on is everything God has to offer. But the good news is this: if you don’t hold out on God, God won’t hold out on you!"
~ Mark Batterson

Our Core


We believe in the Church (the Body of Christ) that is made up of all blood bought, born again believers. These believers will be received into Heaven at the Rapture of the Church. This Body is called the Bride of Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the whole world and anyone can be saved by calling upon His name.

We believe in biblical separation, that is, to be set apart from the world, sin, self, and Satan, and to be separated unto the praise of His glory and the furtherance of the Gospel.

We believe that each local church is to be independent, autonomous, and free from political authority or ecclesiastical hierarchy. We believe in religious liberty, in separation of church and state, and in Christians being good citizens.

We believe that the mission of the Church is to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. This mission is accomplished through individual witness of believers at home and the support of missionaries here in America and in foreign lands.

We believe in scriptural baptism by immersion into water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The prerequisite to baptism is the new birth. Baptism is obedience to Christ and identification with Christ. Aside from these it has nothing to do with salvation. The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from sin, NOTHING ELSE!

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