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City Church

Passion for God, Compassion for People

Sermon Series


Christmas Like You Remember

Home For Your Faith

Home From Your Failures

Home With The Family

Home For Your Future




Redeemed Me

Sustained Me

Restored Me

Slide8What Kind Of Junk Are You Hauling Around?

Fishing Rods


Broken Dreams


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Jesus. One Solitary Life. Epic.

Epic Love

Epic Sacrifice

Epic Hope

The Christmas Journey

It Started In The Garden With Adam

Was Shown On The Mountain In Isaac 

Was Shown On The Mountain In Isaac – Pt 2

Shaken In The Prison With Joseph

Seen In The Star By The Shepherds

Settled At The Tomb In Jesus

NEXT: Are You Prepared For What Happens Next?

Are You Ready?

The Tribulation


Everybody’s Got A Story

Everybody’s Got A Story

The Prodigal’s Story

Lazarus’ Story

Life Unshackled!

Land Of The Free

Breaking Free From The Prison That Holds You

Breaking Free From The Past That Haunts You

Breaking Free To The Person That Helps You

Breaking Free To The Purpose That Holds You

Experiencing New Life

When Life Thrills You

When Loss Chills You

When Love Fills You